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Today in Numbers


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6: The number of times I tried to put Georgia to sleep in her Moses basket

0: The number of times that was successful

4: The number of loads of washing I hung out to dry

4: The number of loads of washing I had to bring back into the house because of rain

2: The time in the wee hours Georgia woke up to have a nice old chat with Mama (incidentally this is also how long she stayed awake)

45: The number of times I asked baby girl very kindly to go back to sleep


9: The number of days until my mother arrives for her visit

647: The number of times Ellis has asked, "Is Grammy here yet?"

645: The number of times I almost wished Grammy weren't coming so I wouldn't have to be asked if she was here yet.

3: The number of times I put his pile of trains away

4: The number of times I tripped over said pile of trains

10: The time at which I began wishing I could have a stiff drink.

2: The number of times I attempted to get out the sewing machine to make some dresses for Georgia.

2: The number of times Ellis heard his mama getting the sewing machine out and couldn't be persuaded to go back to his toys.

4: The number of cups of coffee drunk by 2pm (most of them were decaf)

67: The number of times I looked longingly at my knitting as I played cars with a 3 year old

8: The number of snacks crushed into the floor

1: The number of successful uses of the potty

2: The number of mysterious puddles on the turned out to be an accident, the other a bottle of cider vinegar

425: The number of kisses my two sweet children have received since waking.


Yes, this is a metaphor for how my house is looking as I type...


Ellis' super-awesome shoes are called Dinosoles and I want a pair.  They light up and have T Rex on them. So cool.

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