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A number of things have recently transformed my life:

1. Circular Needles and the Norwegian purl...

I no longer want to impale myself on my knitting needles. After devouring some of C's delicious blog, catching up on some Soulemama and seeing this scarf, I decided I wanted to re-learn to knit.  So I did. On Wednesday.  I am almost done with a vest for my neighbour's baby and have cast on another for Ellis out of my gorgeous hand spun wool.

Obsessed, moi?

Yarn stash and pregnant friends, be warned. Still haven't made those pot holders though.

2. Spotify.  If you don't have it.  Download it.  Now*.

*and immediately go and listen to the Allison Kraus/ Robert Plant album, Raising Sand. 

3. Agave Nectar.  It tastes great and is better for you than sugar.  I am still waiting for the catch.

4. The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals .  I can confidently say that I knew pretty much everything in the book.  I have read and studied it all before, but it never changed my behaviour.  But that book at this time in my life struck a chord and I have been meat-free since the new year except for a wild venison stew and some chorizo on Friday night pizza. The chorizo may go as well, but I do think that over-populated land mammals with no natural predators(except us) who are responsible for much of the deforestation of Scotland will probably always be welcome at my table.


Thanks everyone for your kind words yesterday.  While my thoughts and heart have been in Iowa for weeks, it seems soon my body will be there soon as well. M and C and families, we love you and are thinking of you.

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