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Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

That photo above is all that remains of the last 2 weeks, or it will be once the courier arrives to take away a carefully packaged box, the contents of which have taken most every waking (and practically all sleeping) moment to create. I finished it at 7am, having worked through most of 4 of the last 5 nights. 

I am not a natural multitasker.  I find it difficult to think about more than one thing at a time, often becoming so immersed in whatever I am doing I lose track of the time, think of little else and let most everything else fall to the wayside. The task at hand becomes my obsession and other projects and life have to slot into the odd moment when I can pull myself away and even making dinner seems like a fond memory.

At the end of the project, whatever it may be, I finally look around and am able to see everything else that has been neglected. At about 7:01am this morning, I saw the piles of laundry, the chickens, the other designs,  the looming print deadlines and the three blue eyed children and their rather haggard looking father I had left to fend for themselves while I was in my tunnel. 

The same things I neglected become a welcome relief - housework never seemed so exciting, putting away laundry becomes therapeutic and my children are never more delightful. I am so sick of what I have been immersed in that literally anything else seems more appealing. 

Coming out the other side is good, but its going to be a lot better with some coffee. 

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