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Turning Bumps into Babies

Every Thursday I meet with a group of mums and mums to be for coffee and chat. Its part of my antenatal course through the National Childbirth Trust. On the whole, its really fab. Its great to meet other people in the area and fantastic to discuss mommy things. For some reason, I have been really quiet and shy in the group...unlike me, I know. Therefore I haven't bonded as much as I maybe wanted to, but its nice to have people around who understand. I sometimes wonder if the last year...working in the environment I did...has made me socially inept. Something to discuss in therapy when I get around to going.

I have to admit I finding the group a bit overwhelming. The main reason is that everyone keeps having babies. Shocking, I know, but it is a strange thing when you get to know people based on the fact that they are pregnant, then all of the sudden they have these babies and are mommies. I honestly can't believe how well they are all coping. I am sure I will go into meltdown... but then what's new?

At least the cat's happy

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