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UK Raised Double Crochet Front (RdcF) / US Front Post Single Crochet (FPsc)

One of my favourite stitches, this is my must-have wrong side row of any ripple stitch I use in my designs.  Taking up hardly any space, the UK Raised Double Crochet Front (US Front Post Single Crochet) creates a ridge along the top of the ripple, adding definition, depth and stability to the fabric when worked on the wrong side. I have used it in Achemilla Shawl, Iced Gem and at least one pattern in Hook, Stitch & Give.  It can be used on any wrong side of a ripple to create a similar effect. 

Knowing that people find post stitches tricky, here is my quick guide to this awesome stitch. 

1. Insert your hook around the post of the next stitch, working from the front, around the back then out the front of the fabric.

2. Yarn over hook.

3. Pull through (2 loops on hook).

4. Yarn over hook and pull through both loops on the hook.

You will work the next row of stitches in the top of the post stitches you just made.  

When worked on the wrong side of the fabric, it turns the top of the stitches out, creating the signature rib of stitches on the front.

Happy Crocheting! 


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