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Utterly Gratutious

If you are after intelligent discussion, coherent sentences or accurate spelling, I suggest you back away from this blog right now. 

There is only one thing happening here...complete and utter adoration of one small girl.  Sorry.  On top of that, I have grandparents to appease, brothers and sisters to satisfy, and my own obsessive desire to capture every moment of this beautiful wee girl's first days.

So here you go...gratuitous baby photos. 

Georgia Grace








Lest you think Ellis has been forgotten  in all of this...


And for future warning, there will be more, many more of these posts.  If you require cerebral stimulation...well, I am sorry.  It won't be found here.  I can maybe promise to get some uteruses twitching, but that is the extent of it.

Oh and coming soon: Cute baby in even more hand knits!!! And possibly a birth story!!!  And of course, more gratuitous pictures!!! 

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