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Variations on a Theme

IMG_9302 IMG_9305 IMG_9306I know. More yellow? More grey? More chevrons? I can not get enough. The pattern is a sort of left over idea from a recent crochet design and the yarn is Nature Spun Sport by Brown Sheep from the same project - things I didn't end up using because they didn't work well in crochet, but were too good to leave in my head. It is my nature to obsess - to research all I can about a topic until I can find nothing else to read or to eat the same food for days on end. I totally get the idea of artists exploring the same techniques or ideas over and over in different ways through series of works - for me that is golden yellow and chevrons. This won't be a published design as such, partially because it turns out to be too similar to this  (a design I only recently discovered and had one of those "I should have designed that!" moments), but it needs to get out of my head and use up some yarn stash. Plus, its nice just to make without any real plans for it.

And as for the needles...  if you remember, I was quite disparaging of both the Addi Clicks and my Knit Pro needles.  Despite my best efforts, I could never love either set. The cables were ok, the joins weren't great and then Theo learned he could snap the Knit Pros, well, I went looking for another set.  I was recommend the Chiaogoo by Anni, Ruth and Joeli and I must say they were so right.  They are lovely sharp needles, very sturdy and the cables are a dream.  I like that they also go down to a US size 2, which is unusual for interchangeables and ,as I tend to have to work down a needle size, this is hugely useful. The tips are longer than the Addis, but much less slippy and really a joy to work with.  I can not recommend them highly enough.

Yarn special ordered from Elly. Needles bought here.


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