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Wallpapering Over It

Recently, a number of friends and neighbours have discovered the blog.  After the obligatory, "I don't know how you have the time" comment, I am met with a deluge of "Goodness, you are so domestic".  For some, this virtual space seems to supersede all of the other information they know about me and my life. For example:
- My child is always filthy, especially his face
- I never put laundry away.  In fact it hangs for days on the line waiting to dry (currently in a thunderstorm)
- Some corners of my home are so filled with cobwebs, they could be used as set pieces for the movie Harry Potter
- Stacks of books spill out of my bookcases and onto the floor

None the less, apparently I am domestic because they read it on a blog.

Well, I may as well own it right?  In yet another I-am-going-to-turn-over-a-new-leaf moment, scenes like my dresser below could no longer be allowed in the brave new world of Kat the Domestic Goddess....


So, this weekend, with some nails, glue, wallpaper, mod podge and varnish, the chest of drawers was transformed.  I followed the instructions here

Pictures_1455      Pictures_1412

Domestic?  Goddess? Of course...just don't open the drawers.
Project notes: the dresser is from ikea in oak vaneer. The wallpaper is from Laura Ashley.

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