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Whale of a Milo


Yes, I know.  Another Milo vest.  But they are my favourite. And I needed something that didn't require much thought to finish.

Lately, I've been struggling to find any inspiration.  I look at my sizable stash and can't put any of it together to work.  I have a long list of people to make for and half finished projects, but everything was leaving me feeling blah.


With the strong advice to just start something to get over my hump, I thought an old favourite would be a good place to start. Poor little Theo hadn't had anything mama-made, so it was as good an excuse as any to get going.  


This was my first time writing my own colour chart.  I really liked this milo, so I sought to make a version of it, but simpler. 



I love the way it turned out, but its not going to fit him for long.  So I will cast on another in the next size up. And maybe some booties. And a hat. And...well, we'll see.


(yarn is Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo, my favourite for baby items)

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