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What Love Is

Nine years ago yesterday, I landed in Gatwick airport to spend two weeks with a young man I hadn't seen in over 2 years.


It was a sort of test to see if whatever kept us coming back to each other was real or just some idealised idea of a relationship.

At the end of the two weeks, running through the airport because we were an hour late because we'd been too, um, busy to notice that the clocks had gone forward and I was going to miss my plane, I knew that idealised or no, I was coming back to stay.

And so I did.

In honour of that day, here are 10 things I love about my man, right now.

:: He comes to playgroup and plays with all of the toddlers, resolving arguments, setting up tricycle obstacle courses, building elaborate train tracks and making mothers cups of tea while we all hide around the corner ignoring the children.

:: He goes in late to work to fetch me medicine when I am 39 weeks pregnant and have the flu.

:: He still asks if I need help when I have my head down the toilet for the 649th time this pregnancy

:: He helps me put socks on. An act which is doubly chivalrous because a) they are feet (yuck!) and b) they currently look like they should be the model for the marshmallow man in the next Ghostbuster's movie.

::He searches tirelessly on ebay for trains for Ellis' birthday, even though we are sick to death of trains, because he knows wee man will love them.


::He plays and plays with one energetic small boy who demands attention from the moment he wakes up to the moment he collapses at night.

:: He listens and empathises and tries hard to understand the ups, downs and obsessions of his rather crazy pregnant wife.

:: He is passionate and deeply committed to his work in supporting people's access to the arts. He never misses an opportunity to reinforce the need for equality and accessibility for everyone.

:: He makes a fantastic roast dinner and does the dishes every night, even if he cooked.

:: He waits patiently for his much promised hat to replace the one I made for my mother and forced him to model in the top picture. Even though many, many projects have come on and off the needles since then...

Simply put, he is wonderful and I am eternally grateful we decided to give us one last chance nine years ago. 


Happy Ides of March, Honey!

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