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What We Are Up To

It seems that the days are just flying by in that new baby haze of busyness.  We wake up and then woosh, its bedtime.

But of course, its not all new baby centred...we are getting back into the groove of being ourselves, not just Georgia's mother, brother and father.

Ellis has a new obsession with bubbles...they MUST be blown everyday. I am heading off to the grocery story this afternoon to buy the ingredients for this bubble recipe, as we are going through a couple of pints a week!!!


He also talks all of the time. From the moment he opens his eyes in the morning, until he collapses at the end of the day.  I have to admit that I love talking with him and listening to the things that come out of his little brain. His current obsession is with 'sunnytime'.  This time of year, it never gets dark, so Ellis is CONVINCED he can stay up as long as he wants to, "But I can't go to bed, mama!  Its Sunnytime!"

He also continues to be ever so slightly mad, and spent much of yesterday like this:

things to do with a box

Kevin continues to work away and his may be the only person in Britain looking forward to Big Brother (please note: I didn't marry him for his taste in TV).

I have decided to go to boot camp and get my creativity charged up, not least because I have to take photographs for a wedding in a few weeks and want to do everything I can to take good pictures for my friends. There may be random photos popping up on the blog, like my interpretation of yesterday's theme picnic:

Picnicking, 3 Year Old Style

I have really started cooking again.  Being dairy free really forces me to think about what we are eating and is getting me out of the rut of eating the same things every week.

I am also off to collect some elderflower for cordial fritters.  I have been eyeing the bushes in the park every day for the last week and I think they are about to pop!

Oh and look away now, if you are in any way squeamish. This is the living logic of why this blog is called Slugs on the Refrigerator. This beast was on our countertop to greet us on Monday morning.

enormous slug

And yes, I am still afraid of slugs.

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