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What We've Been Up To


So its been a week without you.  How are you, dear blog?  Well?  I bet you've had sunshine and the like, haven't you...admit it.

We've had rain. Rain. Rain and more Rain.  My laundry is actually rotting.  In my life, it never occurred to me that laundry could rot.  But it can.  And it stinks to high heaven as it does it.  We are all ever so slightly stinky (when we actually have clothes to wear).

Other things:

- I cut my own fringe (aka bangs).  Its cute.  I like it.  I'll show you some time.

- Georgia can roll.  Both ways. And kind of scoot around.  I forgot to appreciate immobile babies while I had one.

- Ellis' capacity for mischief only seems to increase with age.  Why didn't anyone warn me? 

- The rain is causing my garden to rot as well.  On the plus side, the slugs are happy and leaving my kitchen alone.

- I bought a fantastic new cookbook.  Its the Veganomicon.  I wanted something I could just pick up and be able to eat just about everything.  I made the fudgey wudgy blueberry brownies. They were astoundingly good, but the deserves its own post!


- I also made this awesome vegan mac 'n' cheese, as suggested by Ami.  Oh my it was soooo good.  In fact, I liked the cheese sauce so much, I made it tonight for the white sauce in lasagne, but with nutmeg and garlic. It too was a hit.  Thanks, Ami!

- We took the kids swimming at the weekend [Rant about out of town leisure centres with no buses on a Sunday has been deleted].  Ellis played for 2 hours, then slept for 3!  Georgia loved the pool too.  But I have to say, everytime I go, I always miss freshwater swimming out of doors.

- I have been knitting up a storm.  So many things have been on and off the needles this week.  I promise a bit of a show and tell tomorrow...


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