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When I Was 31


When I was 31, I:

:: Had my second baby, my first little girl, at home

:: Relearned to knit and took to it with a vengance

:: Discovered a deep love for photography

:: Photographed my first wedding

:: Was given a car

:: Made new friends and rekindled old ones through the magic that is the internet

:: Spent an afternoon with the lovely Claire and her gorgeous family at the beach


:: Ate a lot of white bean chicken chilli, homemade pizza and jam from the garden

:: Adapted from being a couple with a child to a family of 4. 

:: Did laundry, swept the floors and did the dishes more times than I could want to count and it STILL is never enough. 

:: Went to Mull, St Andrews, Iona, Perth, Inverness, Glasgow, Edinburgh

:: Spent 9 months pregnant in 2 different pregnancies

:: Realised dairy and I do not get along


:: Watched my little boy fall in love with his baby sister

:: Watched my baby girl idolise her big brother

:: Watched their daddy fall head over heels in love with them both

:: Quietly loved them all. 

The ripe old age of 32 arrived last Sunday and here's hoping it brings more of the same (except the 2 pregnancies and laundry bit)

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