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When in Doubt, Write.

Its been a strange old week.  I normally look forward to school holidays as I love having my big boy home.  This has been doubly so recently as E hasn't been all that happy at school.  Nothing major, but a week off was needed to regroup. IMG_7956


Unfortunately, the week that was, was a bit of a downer.  Sick children, deadlines and broken equipment made me very grumpy...made us all grumpy, really.  I have a major problem when things don't meet my expectations, and I simply can't let it go.  Well, that essentially sums up the last few days - things just not working as I want them to.  Me, ruminating about things that could have gone better, the children, running amok.


And run amok they did (as if they needed a distracted mother to do that!). Theo still has yet to learn self-preservation (at what age does that come?).  He managed to destroy our chest of drawers. Its better not to ask exactly how, but I found him happily playing with my jewellery and make-up - obviously what he had been trying to get. Instead of taking a picture or reprimanding him, I turned around and went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer.  It was that sort of week.

But in some ways, it's a suitable analogy for the next few days...picking up the broken bits and getting back on track, beer in hand.

First on the agenda, buy a new chest of drawers.

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