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When Inspiration Strikes

As any parent of small children will tell you, when inspiration strikes, you gotta move on it OR ELSE


So when I saw this post from Angry Chicken, Ellis was out and Georgia was sleeping for the first time in weeks on her own in bed. I seized that inspiration and ran with it.


Literally.  I ran out into the garden and grabbed some paint left over from painting Ellis' ikea table. I also had a big sheet of plywood that we inherited with the house that had been laying across the roof of the shed. A couple of coats of paint later and we have a 7 foot long outdoor chalkboard. Of course we LOVE it.


Ellis loves to write with wet chalk, as my upstairs windows will tell you. But its messy, so this is the perfect solution. The spray bottle was a BIG hit and we did all eventually get a shower.


Fun, easy and 3 favourite things!

Tags: family, gardening

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