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The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

That was the cloud hanging up in the sky
Over the woman who started to cry
After a day that was so full of drama
It had her longing for a hug from her mama

A day that started with a hand that won't mend
And a small little nerve that has met its sad end
With a 4 hour long wait in the A&E
As well as a need for some hand surgery

She then got a text from a friend with the 'flu
Who'd come to the party 'cause nobody knew
That the flu was of THAT variety...swine
Kat sighed a deep sigh and straightened her spine

And picked up the phone her friends for to tell
That just in case they weren't feeling so well
They should call up their doctor lickety split
(And just when she thought that was finally it...)

On her way home from collecting her son
Her bicycle tyre decided it'd done
All of the cycling it was e'er going to do
And with great aplomb it up, fit and blew

Then opened the heavens and down poured the rain
In whopping great torrents, underlining her pain
Soaked through her clothes right down to the bone
She thought that today, she should've stayed home

Cold, wet and hungry and needing a cuddle
She pushed her small boy through a mile-long puddle.
And so she thinks she's good reason to say,
That Monday was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day .


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