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When You Hold It In Your Hands

IMG_9014Remember, how I said we had a month to the release of the book  

Amazon has dispatched the pre-orders.


And so, if you receive the book over the next few days, when you look at it, you will see 30 patterns for crochet.  You will see my children and the children of my friends.  You will see the locations and a nice book of stuff you (hopefully) want to make. It's just a book of crochet patterns. Good ones.  Useful ones. But just crochet.

When I look at it - I see the culmination of the hardest and most amazing 2 years of my life.  I see the physical manifestation of many hours of work, many late nights, a few tears*.  I see a lot of learning and trying and failing and succeeding. I see a summer of children climbing on me while I designed and made 30+ items of crochet. I see the thing that helped me support my family in some very hard times.  I look at it and remember finding out I was pregnant with Theo, and resigning from my job, and wondering what on earth we were going to do.  I see the first time Etsy featured my hats on their Facebook Page and then in their Look Book. I remembering wondering what to put in the occupation box on a form. I see "meeting" Joanne over hat math and  starting Capturing Childhood on the day I agreed the deal with Kyle. I see the path I should have been on a long time ago - designing, making, photography.

So, yes, it's just* a crochet book.  But, it is also a lot more, and also just the beginning.

*Kevin insists it was more than a few tears.  I am saying nothing on that matter.



 My book Crochet at Play is now shipping from and will be available elsewhere soon.

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