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White Christmas

In the annals of Harrison-Goldin Christmases, 2009 will be remembered as the "Year the Iowan Actually Agreed that it Snowed".


Unremarkable to many of you, but did I mention we have snow?  In Scotland?


Of course it snows here on occasion, but for an Iowan to take notice of it, it does have to be more than the 2 inches that so often grinds the country to a halt.  We have probably 4 inches lying, but we have gone through some rises in temperature that have created a good inch of ice underneath the top level of snow. 

The snow was a big hit at first, but has now kept two of us essentially housebound.  The wee man is apparently cold, but is "too big" to wear a hat, mittens and snowpants to go outside.



Being the hearty mid-western lass I am, I have no real problem with the ice and snow...except what started out as a mild case of SPD/Pelvic Girdle Pain, is now quite severe and my waddle has turned into a shuffle. This does not go well with ice and a mile walk to town.

Which has generally been OK, as there has been lots inside the house to keep us busy.  Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without excessive food consumption.


Do you see those sweet potatoes and marshmallows?  I ate the entire pan myself over 3 days...mmmmm.

Much of my time has been spent dealing with the leftovers. 3 turkey pies await consumption in the freezer with the half a bird we had left. Cooking and baking and generally doing the things we don't usually have time to do during the work week has made for a lovely wee break. Christmas photos are available here.

Christmas was great and the company even better.  Our second lot of visitors arrive today and finally the fabric shop reopens and I can get some black sewing thread and elastic to finish up a number of things I have on the go. Not an off year at all.


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