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Winter is Coming

A fact that I was made painfully aware of when discussing last winter's heating bill with our neighbour...and they have double glazing. We knew it would be pricey, but I was honestly shocked at how much its likely to be. I came home and instantly started scouring ravelry for knittng patterns to keep us warm and toasty this winter.

However, with my left hand out of action at the minute, I spent much of this week at the sewing machine. Tantie had give me this wool sweater she had accidentally felted and I'd been wondering what to do with it for months. I finally settled on a little wool dress, similar to this one that I had coveted from afar.  


Very easy to make, I kept the neckline of the jumper, cut out the sleeves. I decided on a length and bodice width and sewed an A-line between the two. I hemmed the armholes and bottom using a straight stitch, but I may have to go back and hem it with a zig-zag as the wool is tending to roll outwards. wool dress

Step one in the "Winter is Coming" action plan complete.  Next up...socks, cardigans, sleeping bags and long underwear.   

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