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Work: In Progress.


Every morning, I wake up, check my phone for orders and come downstairs to the computer to email out patterns and write my "To Do" list for the day, stopping by the coffee pot on the way through. I am not by nature an organised person, but I do like a goal or two to keep me on track. Well, on track is never actually where I am...there is always *something* that diverts my best laid plans. Yesterday it was a printer that refused to print my 12 mailing labels that then took me 2 hours to get the orders ready for posting today.  Today its a little girl who has decided that destruction is F.U.N. and has spent the morning snatching, destroying, and then running away singing "Na Na, Me!" (Translation: "Na na, you can't catch me").

IMG_2231.jpgBasic tasks become mountains to climb.  Some mornings, like this one, my list is so long I feel sick at the thought of all I have to do.  I actually can not comprehend how I will get it all done. 


But progress happens.  Slowly. In pockets of time when 2 are sleeping and one is building a Lego city.  Or when 2 are playing peekaboo behind the curtains.  Or when 3 are thrown out into the garden for (yet) another egg hunt.

And then, we celebrate the simple sucesses...after a year of living here, I finally hung curtains in the childrens' room.  I have finished 3 stripes in the Stripe Study Shawl Knitalong. I made and ate lunch. I have started a new pattern for Saturday's class.  Twelve orders were sent out today. 

Progress, if I do say so myself. 

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