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Work in Progress

After coming to the realisation that I never finish anything, I am now viewing everything in my house with wariness.  It seems every time I walk into a room, there is some reminder of something I intended to do.  A room needing painting, a pile of papers needing filed, a raised bed needing building, a mountain of laundry needing put away, a course needing working on, a toddler needing his ears cleaned...ignorance was much better.  You would think that in a 4 room house there would be somewhere that was finished!

Of course, I can always say my excuse was that Ellis needed something more pressing...the Brio train needed to be moved from the floor to the table to the floor to the table.  We HAD to find out what the snail did when the whale got beached and whether or not Max got home in time for supper. We desperately needed to go and make sure the tractors were still at the farm next door. And we couldn't not chase the cats madly around the house...that would have been obscene and they would have felt neglected and move out.

The reality is that I use a lot of "my" time to do other things.  To read, to write, to sew, to see friends and neighbours...things that nourish and sustain me, but aren't going to get me into Good Housekeeping Magazine.

To be fair, I do have my moments. Yesterday, after a burst of "I've been awake since 2am" adrenaline, i transformed this:

February 20091

I got to sew without having to dig out the machine.  I got to get some books down without toppling the whole pile over.  I even found some lovely fabric scraps to make these fabric circles from here. E Man particularly enjoyed stacking paperclips and rubber bands on top of them...
February 2009

So, my question of the day is: How on earth does one do it all?  How do you get everything done and still have time for playing, friends, relaxing and being?  Is it a choice between sacrificing your own needs for those of the house and family? Do you hire staff? Do you just igore it?

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