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Wow! I am overwhelmed by the comments and emails from yesterday's post.  Thank you does not cover it and I am honoured that so many of you shared your own stories. Connection is what it is all about...the internet, that is.  While there are many criticisms one can lob at modernity and technology, I find myself so often enormously grateful for the opportunities provided me by the web...friendships and support and inspiration from across the globe.  Thank you!

Other connections were made this week...historical connections with a woman of the initials AK.  Whilst dragging Ellis through the Stirling charity shops, gold was struck.  Hanging on the rails were over a dozen embroidered linen tablecloths by this amazing woman.  I was sorely tempted to buy them all, but I managed to restrain myself to these 2 (at £2 each, restraint was HARD):

Who needs anthropologie when you have the British Red Cross?
Seeing such lovely embroidery only makes me want to get back to projectus interpuptus...


Soon, I hope. Hand is feeling better and I am almost able to use it with tolerable pain. Though, that will also mean having to do the dishes again...

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