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Yarn: The Motherload



I did give fair warning that it was arriving.  I prepared for it, sorted through the stash, warned the husband...but the arrival of over 2kg of spun gold STILL surprised and delighted me to no end.

Most of this is for things that I have to keep quiet (which I totally suck at, so NEVER tell me a secret and expect me to keep it!). However, I can tell you what I have been stroking over the last few days:

8x Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk.  The dark brown of this colour is called "Marmite".  Don't you just love it? (Unless you hate it)

3x 250g Skeins of Cascade Eco (and Eco+)


3x Cascade 220 in pinks and green

1x Quince and Co Osprey in Honey (which is probably going to be returned as I thought honey = yellow)




But best of all, I have 2x 100g skeins of utterly gorgeous BabyLongLegs "Flump" in Violant Streak.  Its being made into Avery as you read this.  To say it is divine is an understatement. 


oh and I may or may not have ordered more Cascade Eco to make this cardigan for myself after seeing it here.  My friend told me to do it, so I blame her!


Now to find the time to do it all in!!


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