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Yesterday's Lessons

Everyday is supposed to teach you something, right?  Well, yesterday was full of lessons:

1. Peeling and stacking carrots is interesting work:


2. All forms of painting, even dough painting* must be done with one's feet:

3. The same applies to doing the dishes.

4. Toast is best when it has been left in a bus for who knows how many days and then eaten.  When one's mother asks, "Where did you get that toast?" Its best to run away.


5. Reading is an aerobic activity

6. Mischief is usually pretty easy to spot and almost always involves silence.


I have to say that I am thrilled with the response for yesterday's post. Thank you so much for sharing them. The comments had me alternately in tears and laughing throughout the day! What wonderful simple pleasures. You are all invited 'round for a cup of tea:



*Dough Painting (From First Art):

1 part water

1 part salt

1 part flour

Mix until smooth.  Separate into squeeze bottles (I used condiment bottles from the pound shop).

Add a squidge of paint to each bottle and mix.

Let LO squeeze onto heavy paper or cardboard.  It dries puffy and sparkly from the salt.

Our paint turned out a bit runny.  It should come out in ribbons.  I added a bit more flour to the bottles and it worked better.

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