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You Can Take the Girl Out of Iowa


My accent has shifted somewhere in the mid-Atlantic.  I have developed a taste for haggis, mince pies and Jaffa cakes. I use "trolley" instead of "cart", "boot" instead of "trunk" and "rubbish" instead of "garbage".

But there are still some things I can't understand...



And so when the 3 inches of snow arrived and schools were cancelled, I had to laugh.  When neighbours complained about the cold, I was out and about in just a sweater. 



My children, though, seem to take after their South African father and do not enjoy the cold without 17 layers and a lot of coaxing. We ventured to Edinburgh for the Christmas market on Sunday and poor Ellis was not happy to be out in the cold. It seems the South African genes are harder to shake...

These are the only pictures I've been able to take of the snow, as I have spent every spare moment trying to cheer up my southern hemisphere children in the cold...

Maybe the Iowan genes will be passed to number 3...


I promise to pick the giveaway winner tonight!  Sorry, time is escaping me at the minute!


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