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You know you are obsessed when...


You know you are obsessed when you take your wool (yarn) with you on a walk with your husband and son.  I crocheted a new bowl on a walk all around the village.  One could say that is multi-tasking at its finest!  Or, i could be blunt and say that I am obsessed with making those cute felted bowls.  Here is a selection. At this moment, the collection stands at 13. 


We were so productive this weekend.  We painted and cleaned and painted and cleaned, all while entertaining an almost 2 year old.  The house redecoration has been planned for almost 2 years!!!! The paint in the bathroom was actually peeling off.  Needless to say its about time!

Anyway, we are so pleased with ourselves, but knackered!!! This weekend's activities were a good starter for this week.  K and I have the week off and only have creating on the cards.  Monday and Tuesday will be "adult" projects not dirty crafts, but a continuation of the house transformation.  I will do a proper unveiling when its all done.

Oh and I have new fabric to play with:
Super cheap on etsy, but then I had to pay a customs charge AND a taxi to get to the depot.  Grrr...
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be kid crafts a go go. I have a couple of good ideas up my sleeves... Come back and check them out!

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