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You Know Your Pregnancies Are Too Close Together When...


:: You tell the midwife at the booking appointment the age of your babe in arms in weeks.

:: The same maternity clothes are in season at the end of your last and beginning of your next pregnancy.

:: Your GP considers you some sort of medical miracle and phones to tell you the statistical chance of you concieveing in the given circumstances are "aproximately 1 in 100,000" (no idea where he got that from??).

:: You calculate your gestation by subtracting your baby's current age in weeks from the number of weeks she was when you fell pregnant (14, if you are wondering).

:: You take a quite pleasure in the fact that the baby cardigan you have been knitting since before your baby was born and still isn't finished will have a new baby to fill it within a year (yes, I am still talking about Jasper).

:: Men's most common response to the announcement is to comment on your husband's super swimmers.

:: People begin thinking wild and untrue thoughts about the amount of "couple time" that goes on in your house. 

:: While sitting in the waiting room after a scan, the health professionals become most insistent you and your baby are there for a hearing test and not to see the midwives. 


(Top picture is edited in Lightroom, bottom is straight out of the camera.  Goodness, my new lens is joyous!!)

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