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Zig Zag Mitts Pattern

Zig Zag Mitts Pattern

So, its normal to design a pair of mitts to match your blog redesign, right?  And if the colours and prints *happen* to also match your overall studio design, that's normal too? Yes? Yes?

Well, even if its not, Kat needed a present and I knew she had a yellow hat and liked chevrons, so in the interest of maintaining some of my cred, we'll say that was the inspiration for the design.

I really love making handwarmers, but I really find most of them make my hands look strange.  I think it has something to do with  the ribbing or the length.  If they are too long, however preactical that may be, I find they make people's fingers look really short. And if they don't come up to the right place on the knuckles, they show off a bit too much knuckle hair for my liking*. Also, I find thumb ribbing just odd.  The way it juts out from the tube and unless you are designing for yourself and can make the right modifications, it just never sits right...or maybe I just have strangely shaped hands.

Anyway, no matter which way you slice it, these were designed to be exactly how I would want handwarmers. Short, snappy and pack a punch, as Kat is obviously demonstrating in the second picture.

The pattern is free and is avilable via ravelry or via my design portfolio page.

*I have no problem with knuckle hair, btw, I just don't like  mine to be highlighted by ill fitting mitts.

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