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Life in the Making Quarterly

Deeply seasonal, we publish a collection of recipes, how tos and stories that capture handmade living throughout the year. From simple urban and rural forages that can be turned into delicious treats, to fermenting and preserving drinks, this practical and beautifully photographed collection is also woven with personal insights and stories of an Iowan living in Scotland in pursuit of a more sustainable way of living and eating. It's not just the flavours, textures and colours of the seasons, but also our connection to gathering and growing that bring this publication alive.

Whisk yourself away to the edge of the Scottish Highlands and join Kat, her partner, a menagerie of children and animals in an overgrown garden full of abundance set in a sprawling landscape of woodlands, hills and lochs. Be inspired to be a little closer to your food, your own local community and to making something yourself.

From Issue 01 - Late Summer:

But no matter how or with whom it is eaten, the food of late summer is a living love letter to the season and to the community we are a part of...

...and that is the heart of what this, our first edition of our new quarterly publication is about. It’s about the feast that comes after a year of work, whether that work is in your field or someone else’s. After months of moving compost, sowing seeds, and tending plants, the abundance in the fields and hedgerows begs to be shared.  This year especially, as we spent months apart from loved ones, gathering around a table of good, seasonal food feels especially important. It is sharing abundance and building a longer table, not a taller fence, when you have too much.

(though it might also be about giving away an over abundance of courgettes to anyone that makes eye contact).


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