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November Makealong: Soap Making Live! November 27th 2pm-4pm

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Join Kat for a live soap making session on Saturday November 27th from 2pm.

Learn the basics of cold processed soap. We will make a 1200g loaf of cold process soap together over the course of the lesson.  We will cover:

- Soap Making Safety

- Choosing Your Oils

- Calculating Your Lye

- Additions and Colouring

- Making Soap from Scratch, Step by Step

- Cutting Your Bars

This course comes either as a stand along course or you can buy a kit that includes a soap mould and lye.  You will just need to supply safety equipment, oils and an immersion blender. 

The Kit Includes:

  • 100g Sodium Hydroxide for solid soap making
  • 500g Potassium Hydroxide for liquid soap making
  • 2x 1200g Soap Mould
  • Liquid soap dispenser with pump top
  • Natural scrubber
  • Access to the Soap Making 101 online course

You will receive and equipment list aprox 2 weeks before the event.

Kits will be posted out from the 1st November