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All of soap starts with our beloved herd of Saanen Dairy Goats. Led by Queen Dasha, our goats spend their days browsing the fields, forest and hedgerow here at Gartur, picking the best leaves, grass and whatever Kat’s most precious plant in the garden may be at any given time to turn into gorgeous, creamy milk.

At the heart of our recipes is our passion for growing.  Wherever possible, we grow and forage the main botanicals in our soap. Our small-scale farm uses regenerative practices that seeks to improve the soil, sequester carbon and leave the farm better than we found it.

Rather than overseas grown olive or palm oils, our soaps use organically grown Scottish rapeseed oil. Grown just 30 miles from the farm, rapeseed oil gives our soaps their signature creamy lather, slightly yellow base colour and deeply moisturising properties.

Our packaging is completely plastic free and made from post-consumer recycled papers. Simply compost or recycle in your paper bin.

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