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Catching Up

I feel as if I have been both omnipresent and totally absent here on the blog during Crochet Camp. A lot has been going on here over the last month, but then it always does.  I am slowly coming around to the idea that our life simply occurs at breakneck speed and that there is no slowing down - only on to new levels of craziness. We've had a bit of an insane month. With Blogtacular launching, the Editing Room's first run, a series of Crochet Courses at The Stitchery and a number of magazine and Crochet Project deadlines falling in the last month - it has been a bit on the farcical side of crazy.

We have had some lovely visitors.  Joanne was up with her family and the rain meant that we had the pleasure of having her gorgeous family stay with us instead of in a puddle at their campsite.


The kids had a blast together and it was wonderful to get to spend real time in real life with a great friend.

Work had to continue while Joanne and co were here, but we did, however, manage to take some time off to spend with this wonderful woman.


My mom was here for a week, and if the volume of my sobbing when we dropped her off at the airport was anything to go by, it was a great visit. We had a blast - it was the first time she had been over during the Festival, so we spent a day wandering the streets of Edinburgh taking it all in. 20130814-IMG_2021 20130814-IMG_2054 20130814-IMG_2059 20130814-IMG_2060 20130814-IMG_2072 20130814-IMG_2093


We also spent a day at Balmaha and Rowardennan on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond - the kids even went skinny dipping (it was about 60F/15C outside - they are little toughies)20130815-IMG_2224 20130815-IMG_2141 20130815-IMG_2158

But mostly we hung out, visited, ate good food and went to ikea for horsemeatballs (its tradition). A bit of a recharge was in order.20130806-IMG_1843


Bring on the next level of craziness.

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