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Musical Monday: Theme Songs

This weekend, Kev was scouting around Spotify. He called me over to the computer and said, "You have to hear this. Its Ellis' theme song." He turned on the fantastic Shoes: Farewell My Pants by the Nields.


The Nields - Shoes:Farewell My Pants

It is oh so very true. Ellis does not like clothes. Its strange isn't it how when they are newborn, they cry when they are undressed and the opposite seems to happen a few months later. Some morning it takes the better part of half an hour to get small boy in clothes for the day. Hence no cute toddler in Halloween costume photos from this weekend.  We could barely get him dressed.

It got us talking about what our theme songs would be. For me, it was quite easy. Ever since I heard Ani DiFranco's version of Phil Ochs' When I'm Gone, it sang deeply to me about my own beliefs of how my life should be regrets, as fully as possible.

When I'm Gone

But lets face it, that is probably far too aspirational and in reality its probably more realistically Greg Brown's " I Don't Want To Have a Nice Day"...its a shame I am not able to upload that one successfully as perfectly encapsulates my mood most of the time, but for anyone on Spotify UK, the link is here.

Kevin, however, can't think of anything that wasn't purely aspirational (Rich Woman by Allison Krauss and Robert Plant...I think not!) And so, he leaves us with my choice for Kev's theme song (note: some listeners may find this song offensive.)

Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymenoceros

What's your theme song?

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