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A Baby Stegosaurus

I have been crocheting with every free minute I have (and some of the unfree minutes as well).  On top of all of the things I have to do, i have been working on a couple of new designs.  

Enter stage left, the baby stegosaurus.




This was something I was double dog dared to do by some friends on facebook.  Not one to turn down a challenge, baby steggy was born.



In true Harrison-Goldin fashion, the entire family took part in the design.  There were a number of important suggestions made by the resident dinosaur nerds experts, including the steadfast decision that the hat must have 2 rows of spines and stegosaurus spines are pentagonal and NOT just triangular. 

It is a very cute design, but does still need some work. There is a small incorporation of some craft wire to keep Baby Steggy's spines straight, which isn't a fantastic idea for small people...



but it IS very cute...and that goes a long way towards perfection

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