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A Contribution from the Dad to Be

I guess it is time for me to finally post something on this blog. After all time is ticking by and we are getting closer and closer to d-day! I have to admit that stress seems to be addictive at the moment and after all the hypnobirthing talk and relaxation sessions, we seem to be doing everything but relax. I was very glad for one good night's sleep we had in Argyll, but after that it was back to the usual routine. I fortunately have some leave to take before the end of March so am only working 4 days a week for a while which means nice long weekends in theory but in reality we will probably still be as tired as ever.

We had some warnings about the dreaded relaxation today from the midwife and there is a concern about pre-eclampsia which sounds like some kind of torture device, but is actually very serious. This could ruin our birth plans and could be devastating, not to mention the physical risk to Kat. So it is strict diet and relaxation. I am more worried about the latter than anything else, as we all know Kat is laid back by nature. Nevertheless I am convinced she will find some techniques that don't make her roll her eyes and we will implement strict regimes of doing nothing but relax over the next few days.

Anyway, I did get some great shots of Kat in the park yesterday so here is something positive to contribute.

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