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A Fond Farewell

We have reached the end of Knit Camp on Slugs.  Those of you taking part, I have loved seeing your progress! Well done!! From people who picked up needles for the first time to those more experienced knitters lending a hand, it has been a blast!! Thanks as well to Joanne and Libby for all of their help and knowledge! The posts will stay live on the Knit Camp page and the Facebook group will be there indefinitely, so don't worry if you are behind. 2013-12-17 13.02.13

Ending are sort of the theme around here at the minute.  A week from today, a moving van is coming to collect our worldly possessions and take us to a new house out in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.  I can not wait! The farm is amazing - lots and lots of space for work and play and children and animals. We went to see Ellis' new school and all fell in love - 30 pupils in total, lake out front, hills out back. With our new house directly on the other side of the lake, Ellis was bargaining hard to get to sail to school everyday, but has settled for the school bus.

However, a week is a long time in packing land, (well, I hope so because we actually haven't started. Ahem). I am, however, running a 50% off everything moving sale in my Big Cartel Shop. All of the kits are 50% off and I have put up a few samples from Crochet at Play as well. Use the code MOVINGSALE to claim you 50% off.  Tuesday will be the last day I post before March, so get in there now!

Please buy stuff, so I don't have to pack it. ;)



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