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A Hard Week in the World of Pregnancy

So I am now about 26 weeks along and for the first time since the successive infections in the second and third month, I have not been feeling great. I am definitely slowing down, getting bigger and just generally feeling a bit grotty.

It started last weekend when I realised that I was probably anaemic. I could barely do anything on Saturday and felt so weak, sick and tired. We went out for a burger and I got some iron supplements, so over the course of the week, I have felt a bit better on that front. However, I have had a few other niggles. Walking to and from work has been a major effort. I had been getting Braxton Hicks contractions when I walk for some time. However, on Tuesday I actually had to stop and hold on to a fence post until they passed. Well, my lovely midwife (with the backup of one husband) urged me to reconsider walking everyday. So I agreed to walk less and take the bus more. Its hard to tell if it is working, though some of my other general aches and pains have lessened, so may be that walking at least 4 miles a day was just too much. I do want to get back into swimming, but needless to say Stirling isn't the best for pregnancy-related gear.

However, pregnancy is still the most amazing thing. I still get excited to feel the baby move. S/he loves music and starts to kick and move when we play classical music. Though I have not been able to manage to stay so high brow about it and Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell have crept in to the play list.

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