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A Judgement in Retrospect

Late one night, as I sat crocheting my little fingers to the bone, my mind wandered to the impending new year.  And I realised something quite profound and remarkable: 2011 has been the best year of my life.


What makes that thought more remarkable is how I started this year...pregnant with an unexpected 3rd child. Redundant. Living in a tiny house. No money. My heart aches to think back on all of that worry, all of those tears.

But now, on the cusp of 2012, I can say that it all turned out for the best...beyond the best.  I am grateful every single day for the blessing that is Theo James.  Such a perfect and amazing addition to the family.  I couldn't have picked a more wonderful 3rd child.


And the other children love him so much and are becoming the most amazing, spirited, delightful children I know (I am biased). I walk through my days surrounded by wonderful friends, living in a beautiful home and enjoying every moment that I can.

Even the bad things of this year have birthed some of the best - the financial need from American Airlines losing our luggage in August forced me to stop moaning and start making. We have come through all of those ups and downs stronger, happier and more blessed than I ever would have thought possible.


And so here is to 2011...and on to 2012! May it be more of the same, plus some (except the babies...3 is just fine for now).

Wishing you a wonderful New Year!!

(photos by Kevin)

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