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A List for A Wedneday

A List for A Wedneday

Kate's super duper sweet book "Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon" is now for sale in her Etsy Shop. I can't wait to finally see the full thing and I know the kids will LOVE it. 

Did you ever wonder which takes more yarn - knitting or crochet? Joanne has the answer for you. 

I know I already posted this on Facebook, but this chocolate ice cream recipe has to be the best we've tried. We made it twice over the weekend and are making another batch today. 

You have probably seen this already, but if you haven't pop over and take a look at the new Handmade Happy Craft Magazine.  Lots of sweet projects.

I have also just downloaded the 2nd issue of Tend to read tonight. My insomnia is terrible at the moment, so I load up my ipad with nice things to read when everyone else is asleep (or else I resort to reading celebrity gossip sites and I don't really need to know about Zac Efron's abs thankuverymuch).

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