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A List For A Wednesday: Bramble Edition

A List For A Wednesday: Bramble Edition

Tis the season for bramblin' (aka Blackberries). On each dog walk and trip to the bus stop, we take a bowl with us to gather as many of these luscious berries as possible. 

I had great plans for freezing bags full for future use, but the truth is that the vast majority end up straight in Theo's tummy in is never-ending quest for the "mostest 'normous one".

However, some are ending up in our cupboards and on our plates. So far, we have made:

Crumble (or, as  I would call it "Crisp") -  we always top ours with oats mixed with melted butter and brown sugar or maple syrup. 

Jam: I found this recipe sets best as I don't like the taste of jam sugar

Whiskey: And I am looking forward to using the remaining blackberries in cranachan, as suggested by my friend, Eilidh

We are also planning:

Blackberry and Crab Apple Jelly

Blackberry and Coconut Parfait

Blackberry and Elderberry Cordial

I'm quite tempted by wine making.

And who could go wrong with pie?

That is if Theo doesn't get them first...

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