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A List for A Wednesday (Holiday Edition)

We are just back from a fantastic long weekend away in the Lake District - exactly what we needed after a (frankly) insane few months. 

Here are the highlights (in no particular order!!)


1. Woolfest. So much wool. So many designers and yarnies I admire. I came away with a modest 200g of yarn and 2 antique bobbins - very restrained!

2. The Campsite. We stayed at Fisherground Campsite in Eskdale.  So highly recommended - the lake with the rafts is just the best thing when you are wee!

3. The Landscape. Last year I don't think we had enough time to really see the hills, but this trip + a ride on the narrow gauge railway really got us out into the scenery. 

4. Rowing on Lake Coniston. Totally fufilled my teenage fantasy of having a bloke with a British accent row me around a lake.

5. Friends. Hung out with some of my favourites and shot the next issue of The Crochet Project.

6. Chilling with my Homies and eating as much BBQ + ice cream as humans can! And cute ones they are too!

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