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A List for A Wednesday (On a Thursday) Shawls Edition!

Note to self: best not to launch anything during school holidays. Gah! So behind!

The big news is that The Shawl Project: Book Two is available to download immediately as an e-book (pdf) for £10 or pre-order in print for £12 +p&p.

Print copies will be dispatched within two weeks in the order they were bought.
The link for the ebook takes you directly to paypal to complete the transaction.

I have written a wee bit about developing Fireside as a design on The Crochet Project blog this morning. Joanne has also written about Humphrey there and on her own blog, if you feel like totally geeking out on our design process. 

The Acer CAL kicked off last night in the LoveCrochetCAL Facebook group as well. The stash photos alone had me loading up my basket with wool. If you are looking to add to your stash for Acer or any of the shawls, don't forget you can sign up for the Love Crochet mailing list and get 10% off!

As for me, I will be wearing all the shawls all day, huddled next to the heater in the studio. Its 10am and I can't feel my fingers...brrrrrrrrrrrr.



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