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A Pause in Crochet Camp

Imagine this: scraggly hair - still in PJs at noon. I have eaten nothing but coffee since getting up at 6am to work (not so great considering I had a stomach bug earlier in the week). Kevin had to completely handle the morning rush this morning while I counted down to my first of today's deadlines, all the while singing Christmas songs to get me in the spirit. I have ripped out a sleeve 3 times for a deadline project that needs to be in the post tomorrow. All stressed out that I haven't written or photographed a tutorial for Crochet Camp yet today or planned tomorrow's workshop (it will be awesome, don't worry - still some places available). And then my doorbell rang to this: 20130726-IMG_1716-Edit

I totally cried. How awesome?!? Finnish, German and Dutch versions of my book!!!! How gorgeous! And with a dear friend's littlest 2 on the front cover of the Finnish edition (whose translator was THE MOST lovely person).

So, yes, I may be totally collapsing under deadlines. I may not be able to respond to any of the 483 flagged emails in my inbox. Crochet Camp will have to resume tomorrow with a giveaway and I will totally do a tutorial on sewing up and working into the ends of rows soon, but for today, I am going to crochet like the wind with a small pile of awesomeness sitting next to me (in amongst the coffee cups).


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