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A Post in Tangents

ladybug crochet hat

First of all, a small "ta-dah" moment.  The Ladybug pattern is finally finished.  I mean, I wrote it in October, but never published it because it just has never felt "me".  Maybe its too cute, I don't know.  But when Maggy asked me to do a guest post on her blog, Ladybug seemed perfect.  I have always loved G's grmpy face in the photo.  It is so much more her than the butter wouldn't melt photos that grace the owl and lion hats. The 1-3 size is available for free on Red Ted Art, with the full newborn - adult size range available on etsy and ravelry.

It is always a surprise to me which patterns do well and which do not.  The finished ladybug hat has always been a good seller, but I have to laugh that *every* time I release a pattern, I mostly just sell more Co-pilot hats and patterns.  Don't get me wrong, I like the aviator hat, but it is not my favourite design (personally, I think Spartacus is the best design that I've published, but its not been a huge seller). 

Anyway, its Co-pilot hats I make the most of and I have 6 to make this weekend.  All grey.  I do get quite bored of them, but I use it as an excuse to watch episodes of 24 on Netflix.  

I have started rewarding myself with knitting. If I can complete one step in the process of making (body, edging, goggles), I let myself knit for awhile. I am almost done with the raglan sleeves on the Solstice sweater.  I am making it in Cascade Eco in a kind of grey-brown.  Its nice. I am enjoying the knitting of it...there are enough milestones that I don't really get bored and when I do, its back to crochet.

I am knitting it with a set of KnitPro Sympfonie interchangeables, which I bought after being soooo fed up with my circulars.  I had to get a set of 5.5mm for the Solstice cardigan, so (in my twisted mind) it seemed only logical to buy a whole new set of interchangeables.  On the same day, I was also given a beautiful set of Addi Lace Click interchangeables by a reader who wanted me to review them (thank you).


Obviously, this meant I needed another project to work I am casting on for Sarah's Knit-a-long of the Study Stripe Shawl.  I don't normally like to knit with 4ply, but I do love this shawl and I have chosen my favourite colour combination of yellow and grey (4ply cotton).  I think it will make a lovely, drapey shawl as a gift.


And so, you see, I have no choice BUT to knit so I can do my review.  Its a hard job, but someone has to do it.

Have a lovely weekend!!  I have a date with season 2 of 24, a leg of lamb, and a rabbit who (I have been told by the 5 year old crowd) will be laying chocolate eggs in the garden on Sunday.  


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