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a pox upon our house

Well, I think I have been in denial.  Left neighbour's small boy had chicken pox two weeks ago.  Right neighbour's 2 year old (and Ellis' best friend) has chicken pox now.  Ellis has some suspicious red spots on his back and I may not be going back to work next week after all. 

Do you hear that sound???  That is any hope of a career going down the toilet. While I had resigned myself to that fact awhile ago, I still don't understand why I can't have it all (((stomps feet/ crosses arms))).

Not that you would know that Ellis was sick.  Today toddler mischief included loading the cat's back with food


and demanding he spend the entire afternoon nekkid as a jay bird (yes, I sang Ray Stephen's in my head most of the time!!!)

An entire box of potential arrived at my house this afternoon:


I am very excited about all the seeds, but may have been over zealous in my seed potato ordering.  6 kilos of seed potatoes arrived.  Apparently 1 kilo of seed potato can grow 20 kilos of potatoes.  So basically I could have 260 pounds of potatoes this year.  I think I know what the next giveaway will be!


So to select a winner, I unpublished all of the ineligible (ie my family and a certain witchy birthday grrl) comments, which left me with 18 total comments.  I used the random number generator at to give me a number between 1 and 18. 


And the winner is comment 10...Janine!!  Can you let me know which bowl you would like and your address?  My email is at the top of the blog!

Thanks again everyone for the comments.  They are all so wonderful.

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