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After the Noise

After the Noise

Do you hear that?  

That is the quiet that arrives after school holidays and the children and Kevin are all safely back to their assigned school/nursery/work arrangements.

Working from home is wonderful, but never more so after 2 weeks of juggling deadlines and children, play dates and conference calls. That moment when I wave them off and I am left to just get on with it is bliss.

But it was fun and I know in about a day and a half I will miss them terribly. Due to my increased workload in the run up to Blogtacular, the kids are in childcare pretty much full time. The school holidays were a good chance to just hang out with them and play, putting work aside as much as possible (so very hard for a workaholic like myself). It did remind me of my early days in business when I would work late into the evening.  Kevin tells me I was grumpy all the time and after these 2 weeks, I can tell he is right.

Today, I will be just pottering along, catching up on deadlines both imminent and missed and enjoy  the peace and quiet and bask in the novelty that the only snacks/drinks/toilet breaks I need to sort are my own.

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