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All Change

If the chill in the air wasn't a giveaway, next week's start of school means that our summer days are numbered. Autumn was always my favourite season, but this year's summer has been so full of adventure, sun and fun, I can't help but be sad its almost over.

Living in a country not known for its weather, we have done our utmost to fill the days to the brim with trips to the lake, walks in the woods, visitors and as much ice cream as I can crank out.

Ellis has spent his summer honing his stone skipping skills, while Georgia practically moved into the chicken coop and Theo was a little more comfortable in his normal clothes-less state. I have lived in Scotland for 10 years and simply don't remember a summer as glorious as this one.

But the fire is on in the studio, blackberries are almost ripe, and I have a list of school supplies sitting next to me so I have to accept the inevitable change. 

Thank goodness ice cream is good in every season. 



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