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All Good Things Must End

All Good Things Must End

*hands out tissues for tearful goodbye*

Well, we have come to the end of Crochet Camp 2013.

I can't tell you how simply awesome it has been to host you this last month.  When I hatched this crazy scheme - I was hopeful that I would get 100 people on board. Well, with 1,200 in the Facebook group and over 3,000 people a day coming through Slugs -  I have been blown away!

Thank you for being so awesome.  Thank you for all of your enthusiasm and help and cheerleading.  Thank you for spreading the love of crochet far and wide.

Thank you also to the sponsors Deramores and Artesano -  without their help, I simply couldn't have run the course.  Thank you also to all of the companies who contributed items to giveaways: Simply Crochet, Deramores, Island Wool Company and Inside Crochet. Thanks also to my awesome guest posters and interviewees: Libby Summers, Rachel from The Little Room of Rachel, Ali Campbell, Claire Montgomerie and Joanne Scrace (Joanne gets special thanks for also acting as tech editor extraordinare for all of the Crochet Camp patterns).

Crochet Camp content will be available indefinitely and the Facebook group will stay open.  There will hopefully be a pdf of the tutorials, but it will take us some time get it all nice and spiffed up.

And don't worry - there are already plans for a Crochet Camp 2014!!

I am off to spend a few more days with my family before I launch full force into a massive deadline.

Promise to write, ok?


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