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Another Georgious Knit


Ellis calls Georgia "Georgious" as in Gorgeous Georgia.  We think he picked it up from his dad, who has also been known to refer to her as such.  Either way, it does cause a bit of confusion when he introduces her to people.

But then, its entirely understandable as she is rather gorgeous.  Even when, like today, she is technically sick (I say "technically" because she was up every half hour for the last two nights, upset and clingy.  She has a terribly stuffy nose and a low grade temperature).  But, being the chipper person she is, its hardly bothering her -- except, of course, when mama goes more than a few steps away from her and then the floodgates open.

With first my, then her sicknesses, knitting has been slow this week.  I did manage to finish another spring cardi for her though. I had seen the pattern on Annie's queue and wanted a bit of spring time stripes to brighten the quarentine ward.  

Other than completely messing up the guage and making it to fit at least a 2 year old, its a rather cute little knit.  


Georgia, being "technically sick," refused to pose.  So I have no decent pictures of her in the cardigan.  However, she wanted to show you her new favourite activity.  


You see what I mean by "technically" sick...




Have a lovely weekend.

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