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Around and About

Work is BUSY at the moment.  I have exactly a month to design and make 3 large objects - 2 large wraps and one cardigan for various publications.  The Not On The High Street shop is lively as well and I am in the mode where I even dream about crochet gone wrong and yarn going missing in the post. Well, those actually aren't dreams...this very moment I just finished ripping back about 1,000 stitches because I forgot to check my design submission before writing the pattern and starting the item. And I soon will be packing up some missing crochet hooks I forgot to put into kits to re-send out to customers  Sigh.

There are definitely worse things to have happen, but I know that its my splintered attention that causes more problems than not.  So, from the 23rd of January, I will be putting the hat sales on hold and just move to selling patterns and kits.  It's always a struggle to know what to do - particularly as my work has been getting some lovely features in TimeOut London and on the Mollie Makes blog, but I need to make sure the things I am doing, I am doing well.  Nothing like a new year to get you focussed, hey?


I am also about to put the finishing touches on the next newsletter, so if you haven't signed up...



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